Routeways are unique packages of two or more DPS categories combined into one master course, set over a period of several weeks. Different Routeways are tailored to the different needs of participants. As a minimum they usually include sessions on the following, combined with additional training and mentoring as detailed within specific DPS categories:

Personal confidence and self-development:

  • identifying goals and overcoming social phobias
  • support with ESOL/Literacy/Numeracy/ICT
  • enhancing independence & motivation
  • self-presentation and communication
  • securing housing, maintaining tenancies, drug & alcohol awareness
  • building support networks
  • using Change4life to explore lifestyle choices
  • emotional wellbeing
  • confidence and coping skills

Improving access to the job market:

  • developing social skills for the workplace
  • creation of CVs targeted towards realistic jobs
  • job search techniques
  • introduction to self-employment and other routes to work
  • job Interview theory and preparation

We are currently offering three bespoke pathways under the Dynamic Purchasing System Routeways, built on our 26 years of experience tailoring provision to the needs of participants:

Routeway 1 (6-week course, 3 days a week) – a combination of Category 1: Engagement, Category 2: Moving Towards Work, and Category 3: Support for the Hardest to Help with Complex and Multiple Barriers.

Routeway 3 (5-week course, 3 days a week) with a personal development phase followed by a career development phase, combining Category 5: Addressing Barriers and Category 7: Getting Jobs.

Routeway 5 (7-week course, 3 days a week) including a mentoring period, a work-focused activity period and a job search period, combining Category 1: Engagement, 2: Moving Towards work, 3: Support for the Hardest to Help with Complex and Multiple Barriers and 4: Supporting the Hardest to Help into Work.