Keeping Jobs

Once a claimant has found employment they may be faced with issues they had not considered. With our service, one of our professional In Work Support team will ‘buddy up’ with them to ensure things run smoothly. After all of their hard work in finding a job, we want to ensure that they are happy to continue working and that the sudden change to their lifestyle is not disruptive. We will stay on-hand and make certain they become fully aware of their expectations, from simple things like helping them to plan a bus route to providing support for their budgeting.

 After our initial meeting In Work Support specialists will be on-hand to continue to guide and support ex-claimants and help to resolve any arising issues that they may have. We won’t just wait for a call either, we will actively contact the ex-claimant to see how they are managing.

About Standguide
Standguide Ltd are a national training provider supporting thousands of individuals into employment each year. We are proud to offer the highest quality trainers, venues and accreditation as well as a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.


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