Addressing Barriers

Sometimes people get stuck in a rut due to personal barriers. Their motivation goes, confidence declines and self-esteem disappears.

This course is designed to identify individual barriers and re-invigorate claimants to restore their outlook on life.
Our highly skilled mentors will assess each individual and work on a SMART action plan to help guide and nurture them so they can move towards sustainable employment. Within this Category, we also offer specific strands of this provision to address specific barriers in the following areas:

Entrenched Worklessness
A provision for those who have been unemployed for a long time.

Debt & Money Management
This provision will help claimants to understand their finances and show them the smartest way to tackle financial barriers to work.

Addressing Barriers for Carers
Caring for someone is a huge undertaking and needs to be done with a full and considered knowledge of all legalities and duties involved. This provision will ensure carers gain the full support to help them overcome the practical barriers to work whilst boosting confidence and motivation.

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