Support for hardest to help with complex and multiple barriers

This course is designed to help those claimants whose barriers are so significant that they are far removed from the job market and the prospect of them gaining employment is distant.  Examples of suitable claimants for this course would be those who have mild to moderate learning difficulties, those with numerous obstacles to overcome and those for whom not working has become a way of life.
This provision offers a selection of strands of support, each focussing on specific types of barriers to tailor the training and mentoring given.

During this course claimants would commit to a SMART action plan as well as being signposted to other agencies to help them on their pathway into work.

Within this Category, we also currently specialise in provisions that address the following areas:

ESOL, Numeracy and Literacy

Health and disability issues including mental health

Mild learning difficulties

Offending issues

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