Moving Towards Work

This course has been designed to help those who will not engage themselves in the jobs market due to poor motivation and low self-esteem. This may include those transitioning from disability-related benefits such as ESA to Jobseeker’s Allowance / Universal Credit. The course aims to revitalise claimants and help them realise the skills they have and show them their full potential via a bespoke training package tailored to their needs. By the end of the course they will have addressed a lot of their barriers and be more confident in fully engaging in the jobs market.

Within this Category, we also currently specialise in provisions that address the following areas:

50+ Digital Upskilling

ESA to Jobseekers

Lone Parent Post-ESOL Support

Post-ESOL Employability Support

ESOL for Lone Parents

ESOL for North East Jobseekers

ESOL for Lancashire Jobseekers

ESOL for Nottinghamshire Jobseekers

ESOL for Black Country Jobseekers

ESOL for South Yorkshire Jobseekers

ESOL for West Yorkshire Jobseekers

ESOL for Merseyside Jobseekers

ESOL for Cheshire and Warrington Jobseekers

ESOL for Greater Manchester Jobseekers

ESOL for Midland Shires Jobseekers

ESOL for Birmingham Jobseekers

About Standguide
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