Post-Covid Graduate Support

Graduate Support for the Post-Covid Job Market

  • Got your degree but don’t know where to go next?
  • Has the job market changed since you started your degree?
  • Need to start earning quickly now that you’ve finished uni?

Standguide can help!

Graduate claimants are among the most skilled and adaptable candidates in the labour market, but are also among the worst affected the economic impact of Covid-19. For example: analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests that nearly a third of young people work in the sectors worst hit by Covid-19, such as retail and hospitality.

Standguide are experts in career options for graduates. We’ve worked with Jobcentre Plus and universities to help graduates progress into rewarding, lucrative careers.

We will help you to:

  • Understand the post-Covid labour market – in other words knowing where the good jobs are!
  • Identify skills from your degree and other experiences that can transfer into different lines of work.
  • Help you understand the difference between an application needed for academic endeavours and one needed for a professional-level role.
  • Find opportunities for further training and qualifications, including ones you don’t have to pay for!
  • Increase the range and results of your jobsearch and networking activities.
  • Prepare for job interviews, including ones for high-paying roles.

We also have a team of employer engagement officers who approach employers on your behalf to find jobs that match your skills, qualifications and interests.

For more information, call Referrals on 0161 881 4826, option 5.