Word Of Mouth

Building a network of contacts can work wonders when seeking a new job or contract. In a recent survey on career choices 60% of former job hunters said they had found a new position through networking. The survey also found that networking allowed people to find a new role more quickly.

However, effective networking skills do not come naturally to everyone, and it takes planning and effort to make the right contacts. So what does successful networking involve and how do you go about it?

In its simplest form, networking is about staying in touch with people you have worked for or worked with or people you know who may be in a position to help mention you to those that may be  recruiting.

When you network:

  • Be professional and make a good impression
  • Stay on good terms with the people you have worked with
  • Attend conferences and seminars, but make sure they are relevant to your career path
  • Be generous with your advice and time
  • Remember that people at all levels have networks, use their contacts as well as your own
  • Be patient, networking is an investment that takes time to yield results