Simon Is Privileged!

Simon had not been in paid employment since 2007. He had tried his best to get a job, he had gained work experience at retailers, gardening centres and charity shops to keep his CV up to date.

Unfortunately he could not find a full time position. He attended Standguide’s Achieve Your Potential course for 4 weeks and things really began to change.

What did he learn?

He improved his cover letter and CV and learnt how to tap into the hidden job market. He signed up to many more jobs sites and applied for many more jobs than he had been doing, he even went out to local businesses handing out his CV, this resulted in 3 interviews! Simon feels his confidence has improved and all the work Standguide have done with him has helped him come out of his shell.

All his efforts paid off and he now works for Primark and is feeling GREAT. He has been given a Standguide *Privilege card so he can continue to gain support when required.

*If you want details of Standguide’s privilege card simply ask your Stanguide advisor