Our Own Success Story!

Our very own Keith Tottingham has won the ERSA award for ‘Advisor of the Year’.

Keith, 29, has been in the Employability Industry for 7 years. He has overcome many personal difficulties and progressed from being a long term unemployed customer to one of Standguide’s top performing Advisors. After years of unemployment and severe personal barriers, he turned his life around and now uses his experiences to support his own customers. Through his energy, commitment, hard work and down to earth honesty he hastransformed many lives. Keith has gone beyond the call of duty when helping job seekers because he understands their barriers. He believes in mutual trust and respect and this has paid off in terms of both an enriched peer group and transformed customers. He inspires hope and motivation for better lives. Keith’s expertise and passion is a credit to him and provides an indication as to why he is one of the most successful advisors in the North West.

Award winner banner