One To One Support Is A Life Saver For Darren

One to one support turns it around for Darren
During Darren’s time with Standguide he worked closely with his advisor on a weekly one-to-one basis.
Initially, Darren never attended his appointments. When he did he would often sign in and stand in the corridor due to a fear of people. Some one-to-one appointments took place in a quiet corner of the centre, away from the main office. He was extremely anxious and felt it too difficult to discuss his situation. Reviews would often end up with Darren feeling frustrated and angry and often described himself as ‘having no hope’.
He failed to attend his induction and his advisor engaged with him on a fornightly basis, working on his confidence and resolving personal barriers rather than employability ones.
In April 2014 Darren was referred to Tameside and Glossop Mental Health and started medication for his depression and anxiety.
He was greatly affected by the bullying in his area and this compounded his mental health. He was supported with applying for a relocation with New Charter but due to rent areas, this was turned down.
In June 2014 he attended his Work Capability Assessment but failed and was told he would need to make a fresh claim for JSA. Darren was supported by his advisor and together made a mandatory reconsideration.

July 2014 Darren was evicted due to the arrears and spent his time struggling for a place to sleep, often ending up on park benches. He attended support sessions with his advisor and together they sourced local help to resolve the situation, including his debt at New Charter.
In 2015 Darren’s health started to improve and he felt more confident. Away from local bullying and in a new relationship, he started to focus on work. With a history as a labourer he want to look at similar roles. He started CSCS training in August 2015 with CNN and passed his Health and Safety environment test, obtaining his CSCS card a few weeks later. This all lead to him finding full time work with B & M bargains as a night replenishment operative.