Chris Has A New Lease Of Life

Chris was alcohol dependent and had daily battles with depression & had not been in a position to work for over 14 years.
He previously had a career in construction working as a labourer and roofer. When he first came to Standguide he expressed an interest in becoming a tattoo artist and was referred to a self employment advisor to explore this  in more depth. He then realised all the requirements he would need to start this business and so he agreed to keep this as a hobby and possibly a longer term job goal.
He had always worked until 2002 when the death of his child turned him to alcohol and the depression set in.

Chris had previously claimed ESA and when his benefit transferred to JSA he said he struggled to record job searches and needed some help.  His Advisor met with him 2 times per week for hour long sessions to support him, this time was spent discussing how he felt and looking at the  positive aspects of returning to work and how different life would be when he had a job.
Because  he had very limited IT skills his Advisor updated his CV, created cover letters and  supported him with 1:1 job searches after creating a universal job match.  We helped him to determine which roles would be suitable and helped him apply for them. We also went through all the positive financial implications of him working.

The more he came into the centre the  more outgoing and happy he appeared.  His JCP advisor had started to praise him on his change in job search technique.


DEKKO windows had informed us they were looking for 5 new members of staff & we agreed to organising a pre-screen. For those that passed the pre-screen there would be  an interview and a  trip around the factory as well as a one week work trial.

Chris attended the pre-screen and  the following day was offered an interview.  Once his job interview had been offered we supported him with interview clothes, travel expenses and work boots and  by the end of that day he was offered a work trial.  The difference in Chris within this time was significant
He completely stopped drinking & focussed on his work trial and…
he managed to secure a permanent job at the end of this trial!

Chris is thoroughly enjoying his job and  said his life has taken a complete turn.

Given that he was unemployed for 14 years and he was only on the provision for 6 weeks before his work trial Chris is a true example of how the work programme can support the long term unemployed.

Chris Hnew

Chris  said “I have been at Standguide for just over 6 weeks and with every other person who started at a similar time to me has started work. I was getting really depressed and de motivated that I wasn’t getting anywhere. I met my new advisor Danny and he was extremely positive and pushed me to attend Standguide’s centre more and more to complete  job searches and to visit job websites that I never thought of previously. 
I also received excellent support from Sue who informed me of all the childcare options available to me which put my mind at rest and enabled me to accept this job opportunity.

Thank you to both Danny and Sue for their great help in getting me into employment locally and with perfect hours too.”