A Perfect Fit For Ababa

Ababa had been attending Standguide’s Work Programme for 78 weeks.  She had the following barriers to employment:

Lone Parent
No childcare support
Lack of paid employment history

Ababa was provided with regular better off calculations, CV updates, confidence building, support looking for childcare and help with job searches.

Although Ababa received full support from Standguide it was the working hours and lack of childcare support which was really affecting her chances of securing employment within school hours. After months and months of job search, contacting employers direct we managed to find an opportunity which met Ababa’s skillset at Mcdonalds within the hours which Ababa was looking to secure employment in.

Ababa attended a pre screen interview at Standguide and came across as really interested in the role and then was selected for an interview. She was provided interview techniques and did some mock interviews sessions ensuring she was ready for her interview.

Ababa attended the interview at Mcdonalds, was successful in the interview and offered employment. She had to complete some additional online training for Mcdonalds which she came into the centre to complete.

Ababa was very thankful for the support she receieved and even brought in a thank you card!.