A Real Confidence Boost

Jeneitha  –  18, from Yardley was happy to share her story with us.

“I am grateful to Standguide and all the staff for helping me to progress and build my confidence to achieve my future goals in life.

I came to Standguide for the Destination Work course and at the start I felt very low in my confidence and self-esteem, I was very nervous about meeting new people. This was due to my past experience in sixth form with one of my teachers. From a young age I was very passionate about Law and wanted to follow in my late mum’s footsteps by pursuing a career in this field. Before my mum passed away she was doing her best to help me find a law apprenticeship however I was unsuccessful on a few occasions.

On the first day I sat at the back of the room and was scared to talk to anyone and could barely find the courage to answer a question in fear of it being wrong. During the course I found my confidence was beginning to come back, I had made new friends and I still remain in contact with them. I feel extremely confident and comfortable talking to my personal Mentor and know I can go to her with anything.

I secured myself a seven week pre-apprenticeship programme in Law at the LMPQ Academy in Birmingham but was doubting my capability and felt I should lower my aspirations. After many talks with my mentor I now know I have the transferable skills and confidence to tackle this and aim for the career I really want and not a career just to “get a job”.