Onwards And Upwards For Debra

Debra had been out of work for over 22 years
and did not think she would ever be going back into employment. She had a number of barriers that were holding her back from thinking she could get back into work including not having a CV, no spec letters or cover letters. She also required one to one support on computers and had very low confidence in herself and suffered with anxiety, depression and previously alcohol misuse.
Debra was not keen on attending the centre at the beginning but after her first 3 appointments she began to come more relaxed and confidence with
her advisor, Brooke.

During her time on the programme Debra overcame her barriers and successfully achieved the following qualifications:
• Level 1 Award in Principles of Customer Service
• Level 1 Unit Behaviours, Attitudes and Attributes for Employment
• Level 1 Certificate in Personal and Social Development
• Level 1 Certificate in Developing Employability Skills
• Level 3 ICT

Debra attended Standguide’s Manchester centre 2-3 times for week for different sessions and activities with her advisor. This included one to one supported job searching sessions and other group activities including interview techniques.