Standguide as a Prime

Standguide Ltd has been working in the Welfare to Work industry since 1990, delivering bespoke training and mentoring to over 120,000 customers since we began. We aim to enhance people‚Äôs lives and give them a better future, delivering across a number of Prime back to work programmes including Jobcentre Plus Support Contract, New Deal and the Work Programme.

Our motto is ‘engage, empower, employ’. We believe that every person who attends one of our centres has the potential to be successful and will be engaged, motivated and encouraged to succeed; something we encourage our partners and subcontractors to help us constantly drive forward.

We currently employ over 100 staff who deliver on a broad range of contracts, allowing us to effectively move our customers back into sustainable employment. As a Prime, we are currently delivering a host of bespoke DWP Dynamic Purchasing (DPS) provisions across Central and North West England, FSF Digital Upskilling in Lancashire, and Jobspeak for post ESOL customers and Highway to Work employability courses across Greater Manchester.

For more information on Standguide Ltd, or to speak to us about partnership opportunities, please call the business development team on 0161 881 4826 or email

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