New Horizons 50+

How we help customers

New Horizons 50+ has been designed to support 50+ jobseeker participants to succeed in finding sustainable employment through an intensive yet conducive 1 week course. The course will help them to boost their self-confidence, realise their potential and benefits to an employer, and effectively practice their IT skills and digital jobsearching. This specialist support will be split into two, two day modules: 50+ Building Self-Confidence and 50+ Self-Presentation.

The course includes but is not limited to:

  • Boosting confidence, motivation and self-esteem, and developing participants’ ability to present themselves positively to an employer
  • Health = Wealth module exploring emotional resilience, active lifestyles and fitness, healthy eating
  • Understanding the benefits of work and developing a positive working attitude
  • Intensive employment preparation via group work and one-to-one support, enhancing soft-skills and developing knowledge of the local labour market
  • Create individualised CVs which can be used to apply for a variety of jobs
  • Develop customers’ interview techniques including hands on learning
  • Personalised support to transition into employment
  • Engaging directly with employers to build employment possibilities
  • Help and support available once in employment

Eligibility Criteria

50+ in receipt of JSA, ESA WRAG or ESA.

Where we operate from

If you have any questions about any of the work we do please contact us on 0161 881 4826 or

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