Get Up and Go 18+

How we help customers

A 10-day motivational training course followed by a 4-week intensive job search programme, with job matching to local, sustainable jobs. Get Up & Go 18+ is designed to help customers to access the right jobs through expert support and guidance.

The course includes:

  • Boosting confidence, motivation and self-esteem through one-to-one mentoring support and group work
  • Health = Wealth modules. Exploring emotional resilience, active lifestyles and fitness, healthy eating. Encouraging participants to take up new hobbies and activities
  • Guided IT skills and the different ways to effectively job search. Developing knowledge of the changing labour market
  • Understanding the benefits of work, personal barriers to employment and appropriate signposting
  • Ensuring a positive work ethic is instilled to promote positive presentation to an employer and encourage sustainable employment.
  • Better Off Calculation and understanding finances/personal budgeting/Tax credits/subsidised travel support – input from Money Matters
  • Understanding all career pathways and external support available (e.g. Access to Work)
  • Intensive yet supportive employment preparation, including enhancing soft-skills and an all day workshop on interviews designed to tackle confidence and any anxiety issues
  • Create individualised CVs which can be used to apply for a variety of jobs
  • Personalised support to transition into employment
  • Help and support available once in employment

Eligibility Criteria

  • JSA, ESA and Universal Credit claimants aged 18+, including post-Work Programme participants.

Where we operate from

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