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How we help customers

With an individual balance of one-to-one mentoring and interactive group sessions, Focus the Mind is here to help claimants with mild to moderate learning difficulties. Over the 13 week course, participants will build their weekly hours and Standguide Mentors will work with each participant to overcome barriers with individually tailored support, building confidence, motivation and aspiration at each individual’s own pace. Participants will have the chance for further support over an additional 13 weeks if agreed that it is needed. Mentors will work with participants in a sensitive and professional manner. With a mixture of training, mentoring and the support/experience gained from specially organised Work Placements, we aim to give participants the ability to realise their potential and help prepare them for employment.

This flexible course will include:

  • A personal one-to-one initial meeting and Diagnostic including use of the Workstar, a highly visual assessment tool which monitors individual progression
  • Support in overcoming a variety of complex barriers e.g. anxiety and concentration issues
  • Boosting confidence, motivation and self-esteem through one-to-one mentoring support and group work
  • Health = Wealth modules including specialist signposting with further support if needed from the Mentor; exploring emotional resilience, active lifestyles and fitness, healthy eating. Encouraging participants to take up new hobbies and activities
  • Development of Life Skills e.g. time keeping, attendance, smaller and larger personal achievements such as travelling alone or to new places
  • Money Management including debt management, transition from benefits to wages and pension planning
  • Exploring jobs that the participant may be interested in and how to make it a reality
  • Guided IT skills and job searching including Find a Job, plus personalised Careers Guidance
  • Developing knowledge of the changing labour market
  • Individualised CV’s tailored for specific employment opportunities
  • Group work activities for those for whom it is deemed suitable
  • Individually devised Work Placements with sympathetic employers to help promote work experience and self-confidence
  • Certificate of Success at the end of the course
  • Help and support available once in employment.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants in receipt of benefits who experience mild to moderate learning difficulties, diagnosed or undiagnosed.

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