Achieve Your Potential

How we help customers

Achieve Your Potential is an eight week programme for Post Work Programme JSA and Non-Work Programme ESA claimants, which will increase their engagement and encourage them to participate in measures that will move them closer to the labour market. The course has been designed to focus on providing all customers with the necessary tools, motivation and incentive to gain sustainable employment. Achieve Your Potential consists of ten days of delivery and professional support to help prepare customers to secure employment, including; diagnostic assessment, intense jobsearch activity, generic employability skills and signposting. This will be followed by six weeks post programme support (including digital technology, personal presentation, interview preparation and Intensive Job Matching service) at a minimum of 15.75 hours over 4 days per week.

This flexible course will include:

  • A personal one-to-one initial meeting and Diagnostic Assessment
  • Weekly Action Plan reviews and support in overcoming a variety of complex barriers with local signposting to specialist support organisations when appropriate
  • Individualised CVs tailored for specific employment opportunities – learning how to alter CVs for future use
  • Understanding cover letters, speculative letters
  • Guided IT skills and job searching including Find a Job and use of Standguide’s in-house Digital Learning Hub
  • Money Management including Better Off Calculations, debt management, transition from benefits to wages, pension planning
  • Preparing for job interviews oincluding tricky questions, positive body language and ‘Dress to Impress’ – includes role play activities and feedback
  • Development of Life Skills e.g. time keeping, attendance and Functional Skills including literacy and numeracy
  • Exploring jobs the participant may be intersted in – how to make it a reality (e.g. skills/qualifications needed, how to disclose offences, how to apply for DBS checks)
  • Specially selected work placements/work trials to support movement towards sustainable employment
  • Developing knowledge of the changing labour market
  • Further support workshops within the last six weeks including: telephone techniquies, further developing IT skills, Healthy Lifestyle
  • Individual job-matching service for each customer
  • Certificate of Success at the end of the course
  • Help and support available once in employment

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants will be Pre Work Programme and in receipt of ESA or Post Work Programme and in receipt of JSA or ESA.

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